Herbal Allies: Kava Kava for Deep Relaxation

"There can be no hate in the heart when one has kava."

-Rosemary Gladstar-Herbalist

*Image courtesy of  Wikipedia.org

*Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org


 No other herb is quite like kava kava.  Used ceremoniously in many cultures, kava has the unique ability to relax the body while brightening the mind. After tasting it's pungent, tongue-numbing flavor, kava works immediately to reduce tension, anxiety and stress. 

Kava is particularly helpful for treating acute stress that settles into the musculature of the body. When your mind is overwhelmed and your body feels tight & stiff-it's time to break out the kava.

Traditionally, kava is used to invigorate peripheral circulation as well as relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain due to muscle tension & spasms. This healing plant can be taken as a tea or tincture-and a little goes a long way. In our private practice, we often recommend small amounts of kava tincture to individuals with a busy schedule who find it difficult to relax and focus. One of my favorite ways to enjoy kava is by adding a pinch of powder to my golden milk or chai tea. 

Although kava is a beautiful, effective medicine, it is ultimately meant for occasional use and should not be used for daily increments lasting longer than  2-3 weeks.  Kava is not to be used during pregnancy or nursing. Kava should not be taken with alcohol or sedative, hepatotoxic medication. Please consult with your primary health care practitioner if you are taking any medication before incorporating kava into your self-care routine.

Purchasing high-quality kava kava is essential for ensuring safety & therapeutic potency. Two of our favorite companies for purchasing kava kava are Herb Pharm and Mountain Rose Herbs.

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Patricia Immel